Maverick Staff

Billy Bob TaylorDirector and Coach

Billy Bob Taylor is a seasoned instructor and coach, having opened Charleston's Maverick Gymnastics Club in 1976. His passion for the sport began in childhood when he competed with the MAVERICK Boys Club in Amarillo, TX. Billy Bob is USA Gymnastic Safety Certified. He brings youthful enthusiasm and energy to the training floor, which he combines with a focus on core values and discipline.
Billy Bob  served as the State Chair of the West Virginia USA Gymnastics Association, Safety Certification Instructor and began in Charleston as Director of Recreational Ministries @ 1st Presbyterian Church.  Read more about Billy Bob in this Charleston Gazette feature article.

Nancy ParkerCoach & Training Manager

Nancy Parker has dedicated her adult life to bringing the sport of gymnastics to young athletes, having been a competitive gymnast herself in her home state of Florida. Her professional career began when her young daughter started training in a recreational program in Ft. Myers with Nancy soon joining the coaching staff. Relocating to Kentucky with her family, she opened Bluegrass Gymnastics which she owned and operated for more than 20 years before joining the Maverick coaching team in 2004. Nancy is also safety certified and is a national-rated judge at the Collegiate, Junior Olympic, and Elite levels.

Pinky DanielsOffice Manager

Pinky Daniels is the friendly presence encountered upon arriving at Maverick. On staff since early 2009, she interfaces with Maverick families with confidence and ease. Pinky's five children have given her a lifetime of experience interfacing with children and parents. "I love being with Maverick children," says Pinky. "The laughter, the joking, the cutting up are great, but so is the respect we show to each other."

Shaina ScottCoach/Instructor

Shaina Scott has been a part of the Maverick Gymnastics Coaching Staff since August of 2018. She coaches our Competitive Gymnastics team, Power Tumbling team, and recreational classes. She graduated from Riverside High School and currently studies Phsychology at West Virginia State University. Shaina was a cheerleader for four years as a child and was a member of her high school show choir. She is USAG safety certified.

Taylor JonesCoach/Instructor

Taylor Jones has been an Instructor/Coach at Maverick Gymnastics since the summer of 2019. She is currently working towards an Associate's Degree in Business and Health & Fitness. Her love for the sport began in the early years of her life when she began tumbling and cheerleading. From the age of 7 years old she cheered through the majority of her youth before beginning her professional career at Maverick. Taylor coaches our Compulsory Gymnastics team and teaches our recreational classes. She is USAG safety certified. 

Kasey MullinsCoach/Instructor

Kasey Mullins has been coaching at Maverick Gymnastics since the Fall of 2020. During her youth, Kasey was a cheerleader and soccer player. She graduated from Riverside High School and is now studying Social Work at West Virginia State University. Kasey coaches our Power Tumbling team as well as our recreational classes. 

Savanna MullinsCoach/Instructor

Savanna Mullins was a gymnast at Maverick for 11 years and had many state and regional appearances. She has contiued to stay connected to the sport while coaching both recreation and team classes for 5 years at Maverick. Savanna graduated from Ricerside High School with High Honors and was then recruited by Fairmont State where she is now a member of the Acrobatics and Tumbling team. She is majoring in Biology with plans to become a dentist.  

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    Recreational Gymnastics

    "An Adventure in Fun" Recreational classes for ages 2- 18 Most students take one day a week.

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    Tumbling & Trampoline

    Emphasis is placed on tumbling, trampoline, jumps and development on upper body strength.

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    WHAT A FUN TIME!!! Emphasis is placed on LISTENING, large motor skills, tumbling, balance, and hand/eye coordination. They learn many skills

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    Maverick Gymnastics has moved!

    New Address: 3510 Venable Avenue Charleston, WV 25304 (across street from Kanawha City Community Center in Tennis Center)

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    Need directions to Maverick Gymnastics?

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    Come Have FUN at Tennis Indoor Center!! 3510 Venable Ave, Charleston WV

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    Fall Classes!

    Fall Classes begin August 9th. Our open door policy is still in effect, stop by or call anytime to sign up. More information to follow.

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